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document attestation services united states - usa
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document attestation consultancy services united states - usa
Document Attestation for United States - Usa

We can provide attestation services from India

Certificate Attestation Assistance, Educational Certificates Attestation, Non - Educational Certificate Attestation, Saudi Attestation, Oman Embassy, Qatar Embassy, MEA Attestation, Kuwait Attestation , UAE Attestation, HRD-Not Attesting Certificates, Indian Notary Attestation, Oman Cultural Attestation, Saudi Cultural Attestation.


We Provide the Complete support to attest your Educational, Non-Educational, Commercial and all other United States - Usa Documents Attestation from hrd, mea, gad, sdm, Notary, home ministry, secrateriat, foreign ministry, ministry of justice, embassy, consulate and all other related departments in United States - Usa. All these certificate attestations can be done from various State and Central Government Departments of United States - Usa and Foreign Ministry, Embassies or Consulates in United States - Usa or abroad.

Certificate Attestation Assistance

We provide assistance to complete all the Attestation formalities in India from United States - Usa

1. Affidavit 8. Foreign 15. Special
2. Birth 9. Membership 16. Thesis
3. Bona-fide 10. Migration 17. Translation
4. Experience 11. Marriage 18. Transfer
5. Earlier Attested 12. Registration 19. Training
6. House Surgeoncy 13. Syllabus 20. Mutilated/Damaged
7. Internship/Leaving 14. Private

Apostille Attestating Documents

India is a member of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, for abolishing the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents, Apostille is acceptable in 94 member countries of the convention and is issued for personal documents like:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage certificates
  • Affidavits
  • Power of attorney

And educational documents like Master degree, Degree, Diploma, Matriculation or Secondary level Certificates etc... However, commercial documents are excluded from the purview of the convention.

Apostille Attestation Procedures

All documents requiring attestation or apostille attestation should be first authenticated by the designated agencies. Attestation of States in India from where the certificates have been issued is the first procedure to get an apostlle stamp from External Affairs. In case of personal documents, Home Department, General Administration Departments, "Mantralaya", Secretariat, Notary etc. are the designated authorities. In case of educational documents, State Governments of India had opened Regional Authentication Centres. Educational Certificates or documents should first be attested from this RAC's. Apostille Attestation through Loyal tours lf is possible for all documents, We are collecting documents for Apostille and attestation through all of our offices from anywhere in the world. We can provide Apostille Attestation Services from Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi on behalf of our customers.

  • Normal M.E.A. & Embassy Attestation
  • Invoice issued from United States - Usa
  • Certificate of Incorporation of United States - Usa
  • Certificate of Registration of United States - Usa
  • Power of Attorney issued from United States - Usa
  • Oothers commercial documents issued from United States - Usa
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